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Faust MBT by MendedDragon Faust MBT by MendedDragon
Cost-efficient, reliable, and effective; the Faust has been able to take the role as the Unitary State of Mineva's First-Generation Main Battle Tank for the better part of a century. The Minevans, fighting a bloody war, moved on from the normal array of light, medium, and heavy tank tropes and developed a tank with the maneuverability of light and medium tanks along with the firepower of heavy tanks. The universal-tank trope pays homage to the same-class MBTs of the 20th and 21st centuries, effectively bringing them back as the mainstay and dominating the Kingdom of Falknia's overspecialized tank tropes. Against the plethora of foes knocking on the USM's frontdoor, the Faust was an essential tool in taking, holding, or destroying planetary targets.

The Faust boasts a 120mm Railgun able to deliver rounds and slugs at intense speeds with reliable accuracy. These guns are loaded with several different round types; HEAP Sabots, E-Carbon slugs, and in rare cases, Monofilament Fragmentation rounds. While special ammunition must be pre-produced and loaded onto the tank, Carbon-Conversion Engines are able to automatically create and load the hyperdense E-Carbon slugs. At its best, the Faust can fire off approximately 8 to 10 rounds per minute. Atop the turret is a coaxial .90 Caliber HM-1 Heavy Machine Gun with a ballistic shield on either side of the gun to safeguard the gunner, engaging infantry and light-armored targets alike at 2,000 rounds per minute. At its front is a hull-mounted HM-2H Smartgun variant created to chamber .75 Caliber rounds rather than the normal 8.29x46 round. This gun can be activated in emergencies to automatically engage light enemy targets at 1,200 rounds per minute.

Defensive Measures:
Although it is rather inexpensive and easy to assemble, the hull is protected with a quarter-meter of tempered E-Carbon. The skirt has a slight slant and covers a majority of the treads, while the wheels are completely covered by a thinner plate of E-Carbon to protect from environmental hazards and small-arms fire. At the front of the tank are several smoke-launchers, able to unleash several canisters to create a massive smokescreen to obscure them from basic and mundane optics; mainly to distract and confuse anti-tank nests. Anti-missile defenses consist of an array of dummy-launchers along the turret. These launchers fire flare mechanisms with a similar electronic signature of the Faust. This is to redirect locked and heat-seeking missile systems. These auxiliary launchers along with the activation of the HM-2H Smartgun are controlled via the driver's or the vehicle commander's Heads-Up Display.

The Faust is equipped with a short-range sensor system, routed to the HUD within the vehicle commander's visor or her neural implant.
It is also equipped with a Minevan Micro-Fusion reactor, able to easily run these systems within a reasonably minute space that leaves ample room for the other components of the compact Faust. Speed-wise, the Faust's max speed is 200 km/h. Cruising speed ranges from 60-120 km/h.

Driver- Operates the vehicle under the discretion of the vehicle commander.
Vehicle Commander- Directs the actions of the vehicle and her crew, and monitors the sensors.
Loader- Loads and maintains the main gun along with the Carbon-Conversion Engine. Assists the vehicle commander in monitoring the Faust's electronic systems.
Gunner- Defends tank from close-ranged combatants and soft targets that the main gun cannot engage.


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